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Vanessa the Dance Steps Fairy

Complete List of Rainbow Magic Books

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The Rainbow Fairies

The Weather Fairies

The Party Fairies

The Jewel Fairies

The Pet Keeper Fairies/The Pet Fairies

The Fun Day Fairies

The Petal Fairies

The Dance Fairies

The Sporty Fairies/The Sports Fairies

The Music Fairies

The Magical Animal Fairies

The Green Fairies

The Ocean Fairies

The Twilight Fairies/The Night Fairies

The Showtime Fairies

The Princess Fairies

The Pop Star Fairies

The Fashion Fairies

The Enchanted Forest Fairies

  • Selana The Wise Owl Fairy
  • Tori The Unicorn King Fairy
  • Jennifer The Crystal Water Fairy
  • Camille The Dragon King Fairy
  • Jo The Enchanted Plant Fairy
  • Trina The Talking Tree Fairy
  • Sasha The Riddle Gate Fairy

The Circus Fairies

  • Clarissa The Clown Fairy
  • Tootie The Tip Rope Fairy
  • Lulu The Circus Freak Fairy
  • Roxanne The Ring Master Fairy
  • Prairie The Lion Tamer Fairy
  • Alyssa The Circus Animal Fairy
  • Carmella The Circus Food Fairy

The Special Fairies/The Special Edition Fairies

  • Holly the Christmas Fairy
  • Summer the Holiday Fairy (U.S. name: Joy The Summer Vacation Fairy)
  • Stella the Star Fairy
  • Paige the Pantomime Fairy (U.S. name: Paige The Christmas Play Fairy)
  • Chrissie the Wish Fairy
  • Kylie the Carnival Fairy
  • Flora the Fancy Dress Fairy (U.S. name: Flora The Dress-up Fairy)
  • Shannon the Ocean Fairy
  • Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy
  • Mia the Bridesmaid Fairy
  • Trixie the Halloween Fairy
  • Destiny the Pop Star Fairy (U.S. name: Destiny The Rock Star Fairy)
  • Juliet the Valentine Fairy
  • Belle the Birthday Fairy
  • Cheryl the Christmas Tree Fairy
  • Florence the Friendship Fairy
  • Emma the Easter Fairy
  • Cara the Camp Fairy
  • Selena the Sleepover Fairy
  • Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy
  • Keira the Film Star Fairy
  • Olympia the Games Fairy
  • Elizabeth the Jubilee Fairy
  • Angelica the Angel Fairy
  • Jaclyn The Living Snowman Fairy
  • Monique The Magic Trick Fairy


  • Hannah the Happily Ever After Fairy
  • Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy


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