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Laduree, the Sweet Recipes

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Laduree: the Sweet Recipes
Laduree: the Sweet Recipes

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

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Laduree: the Sweet Recipes

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After the success of Laduree: The Sweet Recipes (over 40 000 copies sold in France, rights sold in 5 languages), here is the second volume of never-before published recipes from the legendary Laduree tea room. One hundred recipes written by the chef of Laduree packed into a beautiful book and box reminiscent of the famous macaron boxes. The story of Laduree started in 1862 when Louis Ernest Laduree opened a bakery in the heart of Paris at 16, rue Royale. In 1872, following a fire, the little bakery became a pastry shop and the decoration was then done by Jules Cheret, a famous painter and poster-designer of the time. Jeanne Souchard, Ernest Laduree's wife, then had the idea of combining the Parisian cafe with a pastry-shope. She therefore created one of Paris' first tea-rooms. In 1993 Laduree is bought by Francis and David Holder and becomes one of the best-known gourmet addresses in Paris, a veritable institution with its famous -macaron- as its emblem. In 1997 Laduree opens a tea-room/restaurant on the prestigious Champs-Elysees, followed by another in the Printemps department store and on the Left Bank as well as the beginning of their international adventure with branches in London, Geneva, Monaco and Tokyo. In this book Michel Lerouet, the Chef at Laduree, reveals 100 of the most famous Laduree recipes, adapted for the general public. From duck foie gras with rose macaroon to vegetable tagliatelles with Laduree tea and cardamom, as well as the taramasalata eclair with rose petals, the Chef presents us with an entire artist's pallet of appetizers, main courses, fish, meat, salads, omelettes… All with the Laduree quality and creativity.

Publisher: Hachette Livre (Acc)
Publication Date: 15 Aug 2011
Pages: 175.26×187.96×43.18mm|952.54g
ISBN 13: 9782812304439
ISBN 10: 281230443X

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

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