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Math for All Seasons (Scholastic Bookshelf (Paperback)) By (author) Greg Tang, Illustrated by Harry Briggs

Math for All Seasons (Scholastic Bookshelf (Paperback))
By (author) Greg Tang, Illustrated by Harry Briggs

Math for All Seasons

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Math for All Seasons


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Short Description:

This collection of mind-bending math puzzles concentrates on groups of five, with each riddle posing a problem that readers can solve by counting. Illustrations.

Publisher: Scholastic US
Published: 01 July 2005
Format: Paperback
Pages: 40 pages
Categories: Poetry
ISBN 13: 9780439755375
ISBN 10: 0439755379

Full description for Math for All Seasons

Let the Scholastic bookshelf be your guide through the whole range of your child’s reading experience–laugh with them, learn with them, read with them!Category: Math Skills Your challenge is to find the sumWithout counting one by oneWhy not count? It’s much too slow –Adding is the way to go!Make clever groups before you start –Then add them in a way that’s smart!MATH FOR ALL SEASONS will challenge every kid — and every parent — to open their minds and solve problems in new and unexpected ways. By looking for patterns, symmetries, and familiar number combinations within eye-catching pictures, math will become easier, quicker, and more fun than anyone could have imagined!

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