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MRI, The Basics

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MRI: The Basics
MRI: The Basics

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MRI: The Basics

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Now in its updated Third Edition, MRI: The Basics is an easy-to-read introduction to the physics behind MR imaging. The subject is presented in a clear, user-friendly, clinically relevant fashion, with large-size, legible equations, state-of-the-art images and instructive diagrams, and questions and answers that are ideal for board review. The American Journal of Radiology praised the previous edition as "an excellent text for introducing the basic concepts to individuals interested in clinical MRI." This edition spans the gamut from basic physics to multi-use MR options to specific applications, and has dozens of new images. Coverage reflects the latest advances in MRI and includes completely new chapters on k-space, parallel imaging, cardiac MRI, and MR spectroscopy.

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

Publisher: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Publication Date: 20 Apr 2011
Pages: 178x252x18mm|821g
ISBN 13: 9781608311156
ISBN 10: 1608311155

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

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