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Who Was, Wolfgang Amadeus Moza

Who Was: Wolfgang Amadeus Moza
Who Was: Wolfgang Amadeus Moza

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Who Was: Wolfgang Amadeus Moza

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Born in Austria in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed his first piece of music, a minuet, when he was just five years old! Soon after, he was performing for kings and emperors. Although he died at the young age of thirty-five, Mozart left a legacy of more than 600 works. This fascinating biography charts the musician's extraordinary career and personal life while painting a vivid cultural history of eighteenth-century Europe. Black-and-white illustrations on every spread explore such topics as the history of opera and the evolution of musical instruments. There is also a timeline and a bibliography. Illustrated by Carrie Robbins. Cover illustration by Nancy Harrison.

Publisher: Penguin Putnam Inc
Publication Date: 31 Jul 2008
Pages: 132.08×190.5×10.16mm|113.4g
ISBN 13: 9780448431048
ISBN 10: 0448431041

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